Open Sauce

OPEN SAUCE presents




ChatGPT Chess Robot

by Noah Davis

LED Synesthetic Grand Piano!

by Luminescent Grand

A Solar-Powered, Human-Driven Car

by CalSol

A Video game where you use your face to shoot lasers

by Recolude

Quadruped Robots

by David Gonzalez

A Shrimp That Fries Rice

by Repeated Failure

A Dip Into The Plasmaverse

by Plasma Channel

Robot racing inside the human stomach!

by Torrey Smith

Pooping Spider Robot

by Aaron Longo

MindCrowave and Sharing Color Blindness

by Avery Connors (Lawrence Andres)

Sci-Fi to Sci-Fact

by Johnny Pyro

Knife Throwing Machine

by Quint BUILDs

Rebuilding a car that is comically small.

by Tech Wizard

Musical 1920's Typewriter

by William Sun Petrus

Liability Land!

by Liability Labs

Paul Straw's Officially Unauthorized William Osman's Egg Drop

by Paul Straw

Giant Person-Sized Drone

by Evan Gonzales

Wheel of Fortune

by Robert Cockerham

Arduino Magic Tricks

by James McCloskey

The Playa Crawler

by Mark Ellis

Double wall ceramic mug slip casting machine and molds

by Chris Pratt

Popsicle Stick Mechs

by William Bagnall

World's Largest Keyboard!

by Riley and Kristine Parish

Handheld CNC Router

by Cameron Chaney

Miniature 4x4 Remote Control Off-Road Course

by Owen Buckingham

Onionugus etc.

by GrAvyy

Full-body game controllers + Taser Chess!

by Everything Is Hacked

Life Sized Furby

by Jessica Crafternoon

One of the Fastest 3D Printers in the World!

by Ryan Kunkel

DIY CNC machines of all types

by V1 Engineering

Voron Design, Open Source 3D Printer Design

by Voron Design

Wyldcard: E-paper trading cards which change as you play

by Jonah Stiennon

The World's Largest 3DS

by BigRig Creates

SR-13 (2022 IC Racecar) & SR-14 (2023 EV Racecar)

by Spartan Racing - SJSU Formula SAE

A layer-less 3D printing process, Computed Axial Lithography.

by Taylor Waddell

Giant 3D Printed Quadcopter

by Michael Rechtin

A keycap that runs Doom, and more!

by TheKeebProject

Chat with a Cute Robot OR Be an Avatar!

by ScottsRobots

Detecting Stutters with the Power of AI

by Vedant Gaur

Haptic inputs and mechanical outputs

by Scott Bezek

DIY Modular Synth

by Sebastian Saucedo

Puppet Nerd

by Adam Kreutinger

Home Defense Robot

by James Rivers

LIDAR: The Drumming Robot

by Bailey Ambrose

Power Wheels electric motorcycle

by Kevin Magno

Over-Engineered Inventions

by Cody Hovland

TheNextDecade's Tokusatsu Props & Costumes

by TheNextDecade

3D printed underwater drones!

by CPSdrone


by Brett Houser

Real Life Jett Ultimate

by Tommy Cao


by Zachary Johnson

Robot Aimbot

by Kamal Carter

more to be announced